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31 July 2014 @ 11:31 pm
Ok, here's the currently bare-bones archive: http://charlio4444.livejournal.com/11988.html

Please take a look and if you can provide any help, information, links etc. then please get in touch!
02 February 2011 @ 05:08 pm
Many many thanks to manekinekodesu aka creechling on the NaitoUSA forums for creating this lovely layout.

Isn't it just awesome?
Of course, don't forget to check out our webpage from time to time for updates, too ^_^
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25 December 2010 @ 02:50 pm

Congratulations to the band in having a successful final at Makuhari Messe! We are very proud of you and hope you rest up well!

As their last show of 2010 faded, don't think so quickly they would just fade into the background. They announced a new spring tour in 2011. The date are as follows:

  • 4.15.2011.: Hedashi Bunka Kaikan
  • 4.20.2011: Osaka Kokusaigaiki Main Hall
  • 4.27.2011: Tokyo Electron Hall Kyujou (Miyagi, Sendai)
  • 5.1.2011: Aichi-ken Geijyutsu Gekijyou Dai Hall
  • 5.3.2011: Hiroshima Aster Plaza Dai Hall
  • 5.4.2011: Fukuoka Kokusaikaigiba Main Hall
  • 5.8.2011: Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A

Tickets are 5,500 yen each (roughly $62 USD).

Source: OHP

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22 December 2010 @ 11:37 pm

For those who will be spending this year's Christmas at Makuhari Messe with the band, those who go will receive a postcard from them as a present. This is how it looks:

And for those who can access Nightmare's mobile website in Japan, they will be uploading individual Christmas messages from each member. These messages are only up for a limited time. Along with that, if you would like a music box version of "Gianizm Ten" and "Lost in Blue" played on your phone, each of these tones cost 105 yen (roughly $2 USD).

Source: OHP

08 December 2010 @ 03:17 pm
It will be on next Tuesday, 12/14 at 11PM JST (9AM EST, 8AM CST, 6AM PST).

Click here for the link so you can bookmark it ^_^

This is translated from the site:

We are continuing the renewal of this month's episode with the theme of "coming in contact with users."
We now have a NicoNico Telephone corner for Nightmare to call you directly!
So, please participate in this corner!

We also have a section for YOMI and Hitsugi called "Fetishism Title Call."
Please write to us what kind of fetishes you have.
We'll have your fetishes done by 2 people.

Our messaging theme this time is "The one thing that pissed you off the most this year!"
Please tell us the one thing that annoyed or really made you angry this year!

To send us a message, please use the orange colored submission form to do so.
Don't forget "Bakuretsu! Nightmare" starts at 11PM on 12/14 (Tues)~
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26 November 2010 @ 02:45 pm
Because touring throughout 2010 wasn't enough for them, they're doing a few fan club shows in January next year. Date are as follows:

* 01.17.2011: Fukuoka DRUM Be-1 Open: 4PM Start: 4:30PM
* 01.20.2011: Sapporo Pennyland 24 Open: 4PM Start:4:30PM
* 01.21.2011: Sendai darwin Open: 4PM Start: 4:30PM
* 01.24.2011: Osaka BIG CAT Open: 5:30PM Start: 6:30PM
* 01.25.2011: Nagoya Club Diamond Hall Open: 5:30PM Start: 6:30PM
* 01.27.2011: Tokyo Shibuya AX Open: 5:30PM Start: 6:30PM

Tickets for fanclub members cost 4,500 yen and friends of fanclub members cost 5,500 yen.

Source: OHP
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17 November 2010 @ 07:29 am
The first episode of the new round of Bakuretsu! Nightmare aired on Nico Nico. jata_sakaguchi is going to upload it to YouTube, but in the meantime I've uploaded the raw flash file of the show.

.rar file; 222MB. There's several minutes of lead-in time before the show actually starts. ^^;

Download here:

If using for icons or whatever, credit would be lovely. ♥

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14 November 2010 @ 03:38 pm
Just a friendly reminder the "new season" of "Bakuretsu! Nightmare" will be on this Tuesday at 11PM JST/9AM EST.

The theme for this "season" is "to come in contact with users." To follow with the theme, the show has included a new section where they can call fans who are tuned into the show. Of course, we are assuming this is only for Japan residents only. They will also be having a special project in where they will run a survey to Nightmare fans in what they would like to hear. If you are interested in joining the survey, simply send them an email. The site currently does not have a new email address up, but that will be updated later from us once we see Nico Nico has updated it.

Source: Nico Nico Live
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21 October 2010 @ 10:10 pm

They have just posted images of the new goods for their "Historical" tour.

The band will also be making appearances on TV Kanagawa alongside fellow VAP band LAST ALLIANCE in promoting their new PV. On October 22nd, they will appear in "Maruze no Hanamichi" corner on "Mezamashi Terebi" on Fuji TV. It is an early morning show that starts at 5:45AM JST.

Since the band has been continuing with their 10th anniversary celebration, the CDs or concerts anyone has bought or attended of Nightmare this year contains a coupon, which are entered into a raffle for a few lucky winners to win the following items:

Prize A: Special Live Invitation. Will draw 400 applicants. Scheduled performances will be for February 2011 and on. Shows will be announced in advance. The application condition is 6 coupons.

Prize B: Memorial DVD. Will be sent out around February 2011. You have to apply with 6 coupons. If you wish, your name will be credited in the DVD if you wish. All you have to do is send in your name, written legibly.

Prize C: Nightmare 10th anniversary deluxe portrait present. Will accept 500 applicants. Item will be sent out February 2011. You have to apply with 5 coupons.

If prizes A anc C are gone, there will be a raffle drawing of 1000 applicants for an anniversary event invitation instead. This starts from October 20th and will end on December 31st.

There is also an update regarding their final show at Makuhari Messe. Starting October 18th, Dateotoko fanclub members who ordered tickets for the Makuhari Messe show in the 2nd round will take priority.

Source: OHP

20 October 2010 @ 02:46 pm
The present for 6 readers from Neo genesis Vol. 49 are signed Polaroids from Nightmare (there is a difference in pictures in this version and in the magazine). For those who wish to receive the photos, please attach the present column from the actual print magazine and write down the photo number you want (H-1~H-6). We will accept entries up until November 15th!

Click on the blog link to check out the pictures. They're not bad looking, but YOMI's is looking a bit overexposed and a little washed out.

Source: NeoGen Blog